Above: The Carillon in St. Catharine's Victoria Lawn Cemetery contains both the original 86 bells and a modern CD player system. Visitors can never tell the difference!

TOP Left: Miniature bell carillon system with compact disc player.

Middle Row

LEFT: Tower speaker, Mitchell, Ontario

RIGHT: Digital Bell System, Mitchell, Ontario

Bottom Left: The 'brains' behind a digital bell system.

Bottom Row

Left: Tower speaker, Wilno, Ontario

Middle: Digital bell system, Wilno, Ontario

RIGHT: Bell tower, Windsor, Ontario

Electronic church bells

We install and maintain two distinct types of electronic bells that offer authentic bell sound at a fraction of the cost.

Miniature bell carillon system with compact disc player

Miniature bells

Miniature bells were invented in the 1930s as an alternative to cast bells. Bell metal rods are struck with a tiny hammer and amplified - a several tonne bell can be duplicated with just ounces of metal. Melodies can be played with a compact disc. Miniature Bells offer the following user selectable ringing:

Toronto Old City Hall Toronto Old City Hall

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Digital bells

Digital systems use modern technology to render true bell sound with no moving parts. They offer the most versatility, the best value and are virtually maintenance-free. Digital bells offer all the features of Miniature Bells, plus:

Digital bell system

Electronic bell services

Speaker inside St. Mary's, Wilno, Ontario Sound system inside St. Mary's, Wilno, Ontario Bell tower of St. Jerome's, Windsor, Ontario

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